Q. Where are you located? 
A. We are a Sydney based company which has been serving customers all over the world since 1999. 
Q. What is the quality of your varsity jackets? 
A. Our jackets are made with a fine 24oz Melton wool and can have wool, vinyl or a high grade genuine cowhide leather sleeve. Linings can be either quilted or a lightweight nylon. Our jackets are the number one selling jacket in 
world and available exclusively from Team Varsity Jackets in Australia. 
Q. How much do jackets cost? 
A. Our base jacket is a blank, vinyl sleeve jacket with stand‐up collar and nylon lining starting at $205. From there it 
all depends on what options you want to add to your custom designed jacket. 
Q. Can I do custom designs other than what’s on the editor? 
A. Yes, not only do we have the most comprehensive decoration design options available on our editor, we also do 
custom designs for schools, teams, clubs and business and are regarded as one of the best embroidery companies in Australia. There may be some setup charges for custom logos and best to contact us at info@teamvarsityjackets.com.au
Q. How long does it take to get a jacket?   
A. All jackets are made to order and generally take 4‐6 weeks. For complex custom designs this may be extended by a week or two but we will let you know at the time of ordering. 
Q. How do I work out my size? 
A. We have sizes from youth small up to adult 7XL. On our sizing page we have a chart to help you work out 
your best fit. We take no responsibility for incorrect sizing choice. 
Q.  Do you give discounts for bulk orders? 
A. Yes we do offer discounts on bulk orders and also have a wholesale website with some alternative volume jackets 
available. These jackets are not the same quality materials as our authentic US jackets. They are a great alternative 
for people after a budget jacket though. www.teamvarsityjackets.com.au 
Q. Do you give refunds or returns? 
A. As all jackets are made to order we do not give returns or refunds. We take great pride in the quality of all our jackets and will work with you to ensure your jacket is correct. 
Q. What are chenille patches? 
A. Chenille embroidery is best described as a loop or fuzzy stitch, similar to the effect you get in carpets rather than 
just flat, standard embroidery. It is done with a 2ply wool or acrylic, usually on layer/s of athletic or scrim felt to give a 
multi layered 3D look.