Its pretty easy to start designing your custom Team Varsity Jacket.


Before you do, we recommend first logging in so when you have designed your jacket, you won't lose it. Also open our size page and our colour charts so you have that information handy in another window.


The price shown while designing your jackets includes GST and DELIVERY within Australia.


Click on the editor button below and you will have the ability to put together your own custom, Team Varsity Jacket in no time.


There are two components to a jacket, first the Jacket Design where you can put together any one of more than 20 million different designs and secondly, you have the ability to also decorate your jacket with standard high quality chenille patches.


The possibilities are endless to what we can do on a jacket, if you have custom logos, your own patches or designs that you want to add to your jacket then contact us at and we can help you with this.


Click below and we look forward to seeing what you can create.